"It is through your body that you realise you are a spark of divinity"  B.K.S Iynegar

I'm Danielle, a Yoga teacher based in Stoke Newington, London. I am passionate about bringing yoga to everyone, regardless of age and shape, I beleive that yoga is a beautiful tool that is available to us all.

Upcoming events

 yoga retreat on a beautiful nature reserve, Cadiz, Spain

yoga retreat on a beautiful nature reserve, Cadiz, Spain

I'm so excited about teaching on a beautiful Lucia Yoga retreat on a nature reserve, in Cadiz,  in October, 2018. I'm already beavering away creating lovely sequences and a special workshop for you all.  We have amazing early bird offers right now so come and join me!

Yoga in the workplace

I offer workplace yoga classes in a variety of companies in London.  Whether you want to offer a regular subsidised class for your employees or a monthly workshop, if you have a space, get in touch and we can discuss your class.

"Danielle is a very helpful and approachable teacher. The classes I've been doing each Monday have been a great start to the week."  Corporate Yoga Student

"After a Yoga class with Danielle I am ready for the week ahead. I constantly employ the breathing techniques to help me through the day. I would thoroughly recommend her." Corporate Yoga Student

Private yoga classes

I offer one to one sessions and private group sessions either at your space or mine.  One to one sessions are suitable for you if you don't feel comfortable in a large yoga class or if you have something specific that you want to work on.

 "I have only been doing yoga for the past year and since I started doing classes with Danielle I have noticed that my home practice has got a lot better and I feel I am getting more of the moves correct and focusing on what is right for me and what my body needs." Yoga Student

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