Hatha Yoga at ClerkenWellbeing
Wednesday     7.45-8.45am
Thursday  7.45-8.45am

A meditative Hatha Flow Yoga class, moving with breath, to energise and relax.  We will work on finding a sense of ease in our own unique bodies. The class will end with a guided relaxation, leaving you ready to start the day.

Women's Yoga at ClerkenWellbeing
Thursday  9.30-10.30am

A nourishing yoga practice designed to restore women's health and vitality by responding to our unique and changing needs.

This class is for women who wish to explore and build a yoga practice that uses gentle yoga asana (postures), pranayama (breathing) and meditation to support them at any stage in their cycle or life stage:

  • Healthy menstruation and hormonal balance by adapting to the changing needs throughout the month

  • Natural healing and pain relief from chronic pelvic conditions 

  • Pelvic health and stability for post-natal recovery

  • Deep rest and connection to a deep intuitive guidance through changing life stages such as perimenopause and menopause years